Mountainview Backpackers Kisumu Location.

Mountainview hotel -Location

Mountainview Backpackers Kisumu Mamboleo.

Mountainview Backpackers Kisumu is Located at the scenic slopes of the Nandi hills, off kakamega road - (Kisumu - Vihiga road) ( junction inn), a few meters past Mamboleo shopping, on C34. ,then follow the sign board to your left at Obwolo Junction.

Ask any of the boda boda (cycle taxis) from Mamboleo center and you are sure to get directions to Mountainview Hotel.

Mountainview Hotel is just a 7 minutes drive from Kisumu City center, 10 minutes from the Airport, main, bus terminal and railway station. Accessible by "Matatu",taxi or personal drive.:

Mountainview Backpackers Hotel Kisumu, GPS Location. GPS Location : -0.046142, 34.791946

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