About Mountainview Backpackers, Kisumu.

Mountainview Backpackers Kisumu is a Lodging Property in Kisumu with a difference. Created to make your stay comfortable, private, secure and quiet.

A family owned country side hotel in Kisumu's Mamboleo suburbs that offers you the ambiance of home and a relaxed atmosphere all packed in one.

Behind the lavishness is a crisp efficiency and a deep understanding of the needs of the guest. Personalized services are provided to every guest.

Located at Mamboleo Kisumu, 10 minutes drive from Kisumu town center, at the slopes of the Nandi Hills, in a suburban setting, lays the perfect accommodation option in Kisumu, an ideal spot to relax, unwind and enjoy the peaceful surrounds.

The scenery and ambiance gets you straight into a relaxed mood and will please even the most plain traveler, with a stunning view of the Nandi Hills, a lovely evening breeze and lots of quiet.

Mountainview Backpackers, a Hotel in Kisumu that offers you:

Accommodation, Bar and restaurant, Privacy, Open Space, No check out time (24 hour booking), Free parking, Great food and Camp site .


Hotel in Mamboleo Kisumu.

Welcome to Kisumu's best Kept Secret. Your new home in Kisumu City.